Feb 6, 2014

BR: Babe Pig in the city

“Hello” Babe always say that to all other animals. Have you ever heard the story of Babe? Babe is a pig. Babe is a very clever little pig. There are a lot of kinds of animals in this story. This book is from about a movie “Babe-Pig in the city”. Seep, duck, monkey, chimpanzee, Orang-Utan, bull terrier, poodle, dobermann, and mice are in this story.

Babe can bring sheep home as quickly as a farm dog can. I first thought that is very amazing. Babe and his friend, Farmer Hoggett, were famous before this story began, but famous little pigs are not always careful.

Babe met a lot of animals after he went to the city, he always say “Hello” to everyone. I thought it is very cute.

Jan 22, 2014

A story of me 2

Hello. This is the second one of a story of myself. As you know, I like to go to see movies. And I also told you I like love stories or war movie. Do you like that kind of movies? I like to know the past of several wars. How about you? What do you think of it? In this world, there were a lot of kinds of war. Of course I don’t like war, and I think war is very bad to all people in this world. What do you think? Is war good or bad? I think it is not good. But so, I think we need to know about many things of war and the past. Don’t you think so? We are naturally spending time in this peace country. I am safe. And you are always safe too. Nobody kill you, or hurt you with nothing. But in other country they still have war. We know it. But we can’t stop it. So I think to know the other countries war is the thing we need.


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Jan 21, 2014

A story of me 1

Hello. What do you want to hear from me? Yes, yes! Ok, ok! This time, I will talk about myself. I thought you wanted to hear about myself. What do you think my name is? My name is Sayaka Koba. Did you know that? Yes, of course you know. Right? Do you know when is my birthday is? My birthday is March 31st in 1992. So I am 21 years old. So, my birthday is coming soon in two months. Which do you think I am a woman or a man? Of course I am a woman. I have a family. There are seven members in my family. My mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my gland father, my gland mother, and me. Oh, I forgot about my cat. I have a cat. So actually, there are eight members in my family. My brother is 2 year older than me. And my sister is 2 year younger than me. What about you? How many members are there in your family? And Do you like your family? I love my family. To be with my family is very fun. My family is always fanny. How about your family? My mother and my brother are really like to go trip. Do you like to go trip? Don’t you think to go to visit other country or places you have never been to are nice? I think so. I think to go to visit a lot of other countries or a lot of places I have never been to are very nice. Oh anyway, I live in Yamaga city, in Kumamoto prefecture. Do you know Yamaga city? I think almost all people have ever heard about the name of this city. Yamaga is a little famous place in Japan, I think. Have you ever been to Yamaga city? If you come to Yamaga city, you should go to some spa. In winter season, it is very nice to go spa. Don’t you think so? My mother and I really like to go to see movie. Do you like to go see movies? I really like to go see movies. If I have a lot of money, I really want to go to see some movies every day. I like to go see movies like that much. If you like to go to see movies, how much you like? And what kind of movies do you like? I like love story. And also I like war movie. There are a lot of kinds of movies, but what kinds of movies do you like? Or, do you like Japanese movie? Or, do you like American movies? I like American movies better than Japanese movie. Do you want to know why I like American movies better than Japanese movies? I will like to tell you the answer. It is because American movies love story is awesome, I think. And other why is if you see American movies, you can lean English from the movie you see. To learn English is very good thing I think. Do you like to study or learn English? I really like to study English. But I am not good at study or learn English. When I was young, I thought I really want to be able to speak English. Since that time, to be able to speak English is one of my dream. And I thought, some time I want to go study abroad to America, if I could. Then when I was in second grade to third grade of high school, the dream came true. I was really happy.


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I will talk about a movie I like

As I sad, I like to go to see movie, but I also like to just watch movies in my house. I will talk about a movie I really like. This is a love story. I really like love stories. I like love story is the best. I have never watched this movie. But I knew this story before I saw this. That is why I really wanted to see this movie. This movie’s heroes are Satoshi Tsumabuki, Hiroki Narimiya and Eita. Do you know them? They are very famous actors in Japan. This movie’s heroines are Kou Shibazaki and Miho Shiraishi. Do you know them? They are also famous in Japan, so I think almost all people know them. In this movies story, Kou Shibazaki is a handicapped person. She cannot hear any sound. So she must use sign language. But she is loved from many people, because she is cute and she is very beauty. Then one day, she meets a man. His name is Kai. This man is Satoshi Tumabuki. Then they are in love each other. He is university student and she is same university student. He is very kind man, and he can talk by sign language. So he can talk to her by using sign language. He is an excellent student. She must go to Germany with her mother, because she decides to operate on her ears. Then the other day, she can hear sounds a little bit since she went to Germany to operate on her ears. One day Kai received a letter from her. But this letter writes only a “circle”. He couldn’t understand what she wants to say. The other way Hiroki Narimiya went to Tibet to take a lot of pictures. He wants to be a photographer. But his girlfriend was sad and was crying all night. One day he returned to Japan to graduate university. Then he meets his girlfriend a long time after that. The other way she also returned to Japan to graduate from university. Then she met Kai in Shibuya. She cries for Kai. Then they went to café and talked about marry, university’s life and living plan. Then she decides to meet him. Then she went to his work, hospital to talk him. But they had a quarrel. Then she knew his feelings, because she talked about him to his ex-girlfriend. She retired that marry to her boyfriend. And very finally he decided hard that go to Germany to meet her. Then he finished a university graduation, and he went to Germany by an airplane. This is almost all of this movie’s story. I really like this love story. If you never saw this movie, you really should see this.

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I will talk about something I like

I will talk about something I like. Do you like to go see movies? I really like to go to see movies. I like to watch TV shows. What do you think about the difference of watching TV and to see movie? I like to go to see movie is better than just watching TV. To go to see movie is very fun. I like to go to movie theater. There are a lot of movie theaters in Japan, and also in Kumamoto, and also in this world. I think it is so cool. There are a lot of kinds of movie theaters in Japan. I like TOHO movie theater is the best. If you go to the TOHO movie theater, they have a lot of kinds of movies, and you can choose what you want to see. When if you not to planning to see a movie, there are a lot of fun movies, mystery movies, or kind of sad movies, so you may be going to see some movie. There is another thing why I like TOHO movie theater. What do you think it is? The answer is foods. If you see some movie in some movie theater, do you buy some food like popcorns or something like that foods with seeing movies? Of course some people don’t do that, but I think many people want to have something to eat during seeing movies. There are a lot of kinds of movie theaters, and they selling some foods for people who eat or drink something during seeing a movie. What I want to say is the TOHO’s food is the best. They have many kinds of foods. I love it. But I think those are a little bit expensive. And there is one more thing I want to talk about. TOHO movie theater is very clean. I always think, if the place I will use is clean, I feel good, and if it is a movie theater, it is very comfortable to see movies. Don’t you think so?

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I will talk about the place where I live. I was living alone in Kumamoto city when I entered my college to junior. But I quit to living alone about a year ago.  I am from Yamaga city in Kumamoto. I live in Yamaga city now. It’s very far away from college I go. I am taking my car to go to college every day. It is takes about an hour or over an hour. It’s too hard to me to go school. I really liked to live in Kumamoto city alone, but it was very lonely for me. It is because I like to be with somebody like my family, or my friends. Almost all my friends are living with their family. Sometimes when I having fun with my friends, and that takes too long, my friends call their home or their family to tell they will get home late, or they do not need supper that day. If I hear them talking like that, I feel very envious. I do not like to be only one anytime. Live in Yamaga, I feel better, because of course there is my family, and they are always waiting for me. I always can be very happy for that. Yamaga city is very different from Kumamoto city. There are a lot of tall buildings, stores, cars, people, and so on in Kumamoto city, but there are not so many like that things in Yamaga city. Of course, it is because Kumamoto is the biggest city in Kumamoto prefecture, you know. Yamaga is like a country town. I like the people in Yamaga. There are a lot of kind people around me in Yamaga, and around me. I love my friends from Yamaga. And each of my friend’s family is also very good people. If there are a lot of good and kind people around you, don’t you feel happy? I do. That way, I am really happy to be from Yamaga city. It’s very hard to go to school sometime, but I love to live Yamaga city.

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Happy Day

I am going to talk to you about the happy day. The happy day is about five years ago, when I was in high school. I went to America for about ten month as an exchange student. I stayed a host family’s house in Iowa, but I could visit New York City and Washington DC for about a week with my two host sisters and a friend from the high school where I went. In the New York City, we went to the Times Square. Times Square was very wonderful and it was like a dream for me. When I was a little, I really wanted to go and visit the New York City. So when I could visit to the New York City, I was really happy. I went to Broadway and saw two musicals which I really wanted to see at least one time someday. The one of the musical that I really wanted to see was called “Wicked”, and the other one was “The phantom of the opera”. Maybe almost all people have hard the name of the musical “The phantom of the opera”. Both of the musicals are very famous and popular. I already knew what that two musicals like about, and the songs of the musicals. I was taking a choir class in the school I went in America, and in the choir class we were practicing many songs from, the two musicals that I saw at Broadway. Why I already knew the stories and the songs about the two musicals, before I saw that two musicals. If you knew songs of a musical before you will see the musical, you will feel really excited to see the musical, I think. I was very excited to see that musicals “Wicked” and “The phantom of the opera”. That is why I chose this day for the best day of my life.

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